veruca salt, bodies.

October 31, 2014
By administrator
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Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.

October 30, 2014
By administrator
  • asimov.

shakespeare: The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool

Socrates: "I know one thing: that I know nothing."

W B Yeats: "The best lack all conviction, and the worst / Are full of passionate intensity."

Bertrand Russell: "The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt."

Charles Darwin: "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."

the Tao Te Ching: "To know that you do not know is highest. To not know but think you know is flawed. ... The sages are without fault, because they recognize the fault as a fault".

Romans 1:22. "While claiming to be wise, they became fools."
Rom 12:16 "Do not be wise in your own estimation"

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nfc are everywhere!

October 30, 2014
By administrator

there's samsung tectiles..
sony smarttags..
all sorts of stuff from tagstand..
moo makes nfc business cards..
but yea, be careful..
and then there's this other interesting thing..

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